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About Us

Ennea Projects has extensive years of experience in residential and commercial building and construction. We have a team of skilled trade and designers who are dedicated, passionate and highly trained for their role and they bring their best to every project.

Ennea Projects specializes in green construction and net zero homes therefore, we place a high value on resource conservation, respect for the environment, and energy efficiency.

The homes we construct will be inhabited by future generations, who will benefit from both the low energy consumption and the energy production that occurs inside the structure. We utilize products that are eco-friendly and recycled from sustainable materials to help lower the carbon footprint on every project.


Cameron’s passion for building was ignited at a young age while working on his family’s cottage in Northern Ontario. After gaining extensive experience with a number of high-end residential and commercial builders in Toronto and Vancouver, he founded Ennea Projects Ltd with the intention of creating a long-lasting company that embodies all the positive attributes he values. With a decade of industry experience, his extensive knowledge of renovations, commercial tenant improvements, and new home construction is unmatched. Cameron is committed to delivering high-quality projects without compromise, and his ultimate goal is to forge long-term relationships with clients.

When he’s not working, Cameron spends his time with his family, enjoying the great outdoors by camping, snowboarding, and hiking across BC.

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With over 25 years of experience in the building trade, Colin, one of the co-founders of Ennea Projects, is a true craftsman who is passionate about delivering top-notch workmanship to his clients, no matter the size of their project. Having completed an eight-year apprenticeship with a Norwegian-trained Master Craftsman, Colin has an unwavering commitment to his craft and specialized knowledge in finishing carpentry. Colin’s approach to his work is deeply personal, as he is dedicated to cultivating strong relationships with his clients through a meticulous attention to detail and unwavering work ethic.

In his personal life, Colin is a devoted family man who cherishes spending time with his partner Angie, their two sons, and their two rescue pups. When he’s not working, Colin loves nothing more than embarking on outdoor adventures with his loved ones, such as fishing in both salt and freshwater environments.


Sepi is the visionary co-founder and principal interior designer of Ennea Project. Fueled by a passion for the creative arts, she has successfully carved out her own path in the realms of design and architecture. Sepi understands the power of a well-designed space and is committed to creating functional and visually striking environments that leave a lasting impression. She begins by carefully considering her clients’ preferences and then seamlessly incorporates her own expertise to produce exceptional outcomes.

In her spare time, Sepi indulges her love of creative pursuits, such as painting and creating music in her studio. She also enjoys traveling the world to explore different cultures and architectural styles, which provide her with valuable inspiration for her work.

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Daniel is currently an apprentice and has been working for Ennea Projects LTD for over 2 years. He has been working towards getting his Red Seal Certification by attending BCIT’s Carpentry Apprenticeship Program. His goal is to complete all 4 levels of the apprentice program and become a Red Seal carpenter by 2026. He is motivated and committed to learning from his senior teammates and all areas of the trade.

When He is not working, he spends his time at the gym or outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

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